A little about the gallery

As we have just started setting up the studio, we thought it would be good opportunity to tell you what to expect from the gallery,  for the first month, at least.

We’ve brought several of our artists from the old gallery across with us. So those who knew us from Devizes will be reassured by what they see!

Our art tends to focus on artists from the British Isles. We have a wide range of types of art, from fine and abstract paintings, through to jewellery, sculpture, glass and ceramics. All our work is chosen by Ellie and I, and we hope there’s a broad enough to range to suit every taste and environment into which is it placed. Come in for a consultation! We’ll be delighted to show you what we can offer and give our recommendations.

We are keen to show local artists’ work in the gallery, so if you are a local artist or maker, please pop in or drop us a line. We’d love to chat to you.

Finally, we’re very proud to introduce Alex Brown, a wonderful painter. He’s our featured artist at the moment. Do check back on the site, as we’ll be turning the spotlight onto new artists periodically.

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