Lordy it has been HOT. Last weekend we had a much needed break to visit family in Brighton. The grass everywhere was a parched brown as you can see in the photo of Brighton Pavilion. Milly and Emma happily posed in front of the extraordinary building before we made our way to the beach. Even […]

Haysy Summer

Goodness this year is flying by. Maybe that’s a good thing considering all the nonsense that’s cropping up at home and abroad. I’m not here to dwell on that, but to consider the good things about life here in Hay. Of course it is the literary Hay Festival that many years ago put the town […]

The Festival Approaches

As this page is called “View from the Gallery” I thought I would show the actual view we had a few days ago, when this young lady parked briefly in front of the gallery. Where’s a traffic warden when you need one?! I jest, it was a charming scene, and at least one of the […]

Spring is Nearly Sprung

Well it has been snowing, and blowing with a freezing north wind, but spring is on its way. Buds are budding, daffodils are blooming, and the visitors are returning to Hay. Having moved here last year, the garden we inherited was just a medium sized rectangle of grass. So over recent months a lot of […]

Dark Days

I was going to call this “Stormy Weather” and say a bit about all the storms we have been having, and so on. Today however is the 24th February 2022, which has turned into a dark day in history. Russia has invaded Ukraine. I know nothing of the country or its people, but they are […]

Christmas in Hay

This will be our first Christmas in Hay, both for business and home. And what a strange Christmas run in we all will have thanks to Omicron. Up till a few days ago the town was bustling and busy, now at what should be a prime trading time, everywhere is quiet as people heed the […]

Hay Castle

Hay Castle has a long and chequered history. The earliest parts are Norman, built when the French spread westwards into Wales . The main body is Jacobean, and over recent centuries various owners have tinkered with it, adding parapets and suchlike, so like most old buildings it is a complete patchwork. Oh and it has […]

A Visit from Anna Roebuck

One of the unexpected delights of the last few months is how many of our Devizes customers have popped into the gallery to say hello, and sometimes to buy quite a lot! It has been really touching to see so much loyalty and affection from Wiltshire. And it hasn’t just been customers. About a week […]

Exciting Art Arriving

June has come and gone, and it was fantastic. Visitors are back in numbers and Hay has been buzzing. It has been good to see the town so alive after lockdown after lockdown. Of course restrictions remain. The vast majority of people are wearing masks, which is a bit of a faff, but we all […]

Hay virtual Festival

Like so many other festivals and events, Hay Festival has been derailed by Covid. But undaunted  the organisers have created a really very inspiring virtual festival that is now in full swing. Many devotees of the festival have come to visit anyway, so that with the sunshine (google “Sunshine” if you need a reminder) has […]