Dark Days

I was going to call this “Stormy Weather” and say a bit about all the storms we have been having, and so on. Today however is the 24th February 2022, which has turned into a dark day in history. Russia has invaded Ukraine. I know nothing of the country or its people, but they are folk like you and me, and it beggars belief that today we see a full scale war and the attempt to overthrow a democratic nation in Europe. 

My chatter about art and craft now seems pretty fatuous. I really don’t know what to say. So what I have done is have a quick trawl on the internet, found works of art from Ukraine and borrowed some photos. Let’s hope they don’t come after me for copyright, not really a big issue in the current scale of events. At the top you see a photo of Kiev, how beautiful is that? How long will it stay that way? The other images are works of art by Ukrainian artists. And believe it or not, art is important. Art can express some of the finest things about humanity, it inspires and comforts and prevails. Below left is a painting by Kateryna Bilokur. Below right is a painting by Adalbert Erdelli. And underneath is a wonderful tapestry by Olha Pilyuhina. Let this senseless conflict be short lived, let there be peace, live and let live.

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