May day in Hay on Wye

Well here we are already in May. We have had a wonderful welcome in Hay, both from locals visiting the gallery and from local shops wishing us well. It really is quite a special place.  These posts are probably going to be as much about life in Hay as about the gallery, so if you can put up with my ramblings stick with us!

Today is the Monday bank holiday so of course the rain is lashing down whipped into your face by a cold wind. To remind myself that summer is supposed to be around the corner, here are a couple of photos taken last week. The mare and foal were just so pretty together. Mum carried on munching hay while junior would have a feed then a lie down underneath her. 

We often walk Milly our pooch along the Wye in the morning. There are swans, herons, egrets, a variety of ducks and it is just a delight to observe them getting on with life on the river. The heron just stood haughtily upright while the swans pootled around him (or her for all I know). I think all these photo ops are the perfect justification for me to buy a new lens for my camera…

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