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Lucinda Brown

January 20, 2017

Lucinda talks about her life and the inner feelings and emotions that imbue her sculptures.

Lucinda’s career has varied over the years from drawing life size dolly girls in the 60’s for boutiques such as GiGi’s in East London to collecting vintage clothes from jumble sales and charity shops, repairing or remodelling them to sell (as was the trend) until finding where her true talent lay. “By the 1980’s anything was possible on a sewing machine, including making headwear as the trend got going for soft hats.”

“My inspiration comes from life, the spirit and the body that we temporarily occupy. It’s the inner qualities of peace and clarity that mostly concern me. In the early 1990’s I knew I wanted to change my life around. I could always draw. I loved looking at human bodies; at sculptures created by artists like Michelangelo and Rodin and wished I had those skills too!”

Watching Lucinda take a section of white, soft clay and transform it into a vision of beauty, I was eager to know more. “It was 1993, I met my then-to-be husband and after a few months, we moved in together and for the next for 3 years I studied ceramics at the University of Wolverhampton. Leaving Uni’ I took up an artist in residence opportunity at Bilston Community College and for 3 months I had use of a studio, giving me access to a kiln and equipment whilst I supported younger students. This was when I first displayed my ceramics at an exhibition, resulting in a local paper featuring my work. ”

“You asked what inspires me ? What a question? Everything!! The joy of being alive, passion, dancing, nature; music. Also I try to remember that I am in charge of my own destiny. The challenges I face are exactly what I need in order to move on, to learn, to grow. I try to embrace challenges. When days are dark I can then see that I am looked after, totally protected. Even when my relationships have broken down and I’ve felt abandoned. I found my personal growth is testament to how it was meant to be. No matter what you face you need to remember that things do work out, so you might as well smile! Why wait?”

Lucinda’s depth of feeling is expressed in her Serenity Collection “I choose to give them a serene expression. This is something that I embrace daily in my life. I have received letters and emails from people having seen the faces, felt moved to tell me how they made them feel peaceful and content for a few moments. And for me, to be creative I have to find myself in that place. The source of creativity is within me. It is within all of us.”