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Stacey Manser Knight

October 18, 2016

A few words about Stacey Manser Knight and her Ceramics

After a two year wait we finally have a large batch of new work from Stacey Manser Knight. She hasn’t made us wait on purpose. Stacey has been going through “life stuff”, the sort of stuff that hits us all at some time, and to her credit she has come out all guns blazing, making the fabulous work which makes her unique amongst potters. In a world where every ceramic graduate fresh out of college introduce themselves as “ceramic artists”, Stacey actually merits the title “Artist”. Her work presents a vision that is uniquely hers. It speaks of nature – birds, foxes, rolling hills, meadows packed with flowers, and vegetable gardens bursting with produce. It celebrates life, childhood, happiness.  The care and detail in her work represents an old fashioned dedication to put every ounce of creative perfection into small clay objects, that will give timeless joy.


To give you a quick idea of how long each piece takes, the process starts with a wheel thrown shape in red earthenware clay. This is left to get to a semi-dry to state known as “leather hard”. A white liquid clay is then coated and allowed to dry. This is the layer that Stacey draws her pictures on. Small sculpted items like clouds or cherries are then pressed onto the piece. Raised flowers are made by piping on another clay mixture, and then more drawing is done. After the piece is completely dry it will be fired for the first time. After this the colours are brushed on and the whole dipped in a clear glaze. Another firing is followed by the addition of real gold lustre to the rim and to highlight certain points. The third firing completes the pot. And at each stage, technical issues can intervene and spoil the piece. So I hope that gives you some idea of how much work is involved in each creation.