Double Disc Drop Earrings, by Penny Warren

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These drop earrings have two discs. One is patterned silver and the other anodised aluminium with a blue dot pattern on a dark background. Unusual, smart and stylish. The smaller disc is 1.5 cm and the larger 2.5 cm. The total drop length is 4 cm

Penny gained a degree in Designer Craftsmanship at Newcastle and developed an interest in patination on jewellery. She started using copper and brass before specialising in hand dyed anodised aluminium. The aluminium is painted freehand before boiling to permanently seal the patterns. Each piece is then cut, milled for texture, and polished. The item can then be combined with silver by riveting or folding. The fittings are all silver. The aluminium will not tarnish and the jewellery is light and robust.

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