Fiery Dancer Green Enamelled Silver Pendant by Cath Hill

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This "Fiery Dancer" pendant has one long section below a smaller square. 18 inch oxidised silver chain. The length of the pendant section is just under 10 cm.

Art has always played a part in my life. I would spend hours drawing and painting as a child and be fascinated by my father's numerous books on the subject. In 2003 I graduated from Manchester University with a degree in 3 Dimensional Design. Inspired by landscapes and seascapes, natural objects and ancient jewellery, I aim to communicate my response to the world around me. I also want to evoke a sense of ancestry in something contemporary and wearable. I work instinctively using basic techniques and processes, vitreous enamels and the versatile effects of the flame. I recently acquired several new vibrant enamel colours and use 24 carat gold leaf within them on some of the pieces.

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