"Landscape" Silver Pendant with Blue Enamel, by LIz Samways

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Beautifully textured blue enamelled silver pendant on an 18 inch silver chain. Pendant size 32 x 33 mm approx.

Liz says her inspiration comes from the landscape. However the work that results is not “pretty-pretty” depictions of the countryside, but something far more interesting. Her vision has a quirkiness, an individuality, and sometimes a touch of the night, and it results in work that we absolutely love. Several pieces bring to mind dark moonlit skies full of atmosphere. Stars and moon look down on hills and trees. She works in silver brass and copper using techniques such as etching, engraving, embossing and occasionally enamelling. The pieces we have are mainly quite small, but when you see them in photos at larger than life size you can see the fantastic detail that goes into many of them.

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