Recycled Plastic Cuff by Anna Roebuck

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A purple cuff made in recycled plastic and aluminium Flexible so that it fits most wrists.

Anna has been designing jewellery, lighting and artwork since 2001. She is best known for recycling plastics, but enjoys working in a variety of media allowing her to explore her passion for recycling, the environment and illustration in her designs. “My new product range ‘Out Of Line’ developed out of a project based on Stanton Ironworks in Ilkeston, where I included hand drawn images etched into aluminium. Aluminium is one of the most efficiently recycled metals. I so enjoyed this and the pieces that I made that I decided there was lots of scope to develop it further. The plastic range is created using recycled plastic bags and plastic milk bottles and have a 95% recycled content. The latest designs have evolved to explore colour shape and pattern in plastic. As well as her own designs she creates lots of artwork with schools and community groups, promoting environmental issues and recycling in a fun and accessible way.”

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