Simple Silver Flower Earrings with Blue Sodalite, by Claire Acworth

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Three little silver cups sit around a blue sodalite bead, to create a pretty and delicate earrings.

Becoming a jeweller took a round-about route. Initially I did a Degree in Furniture & Product Design where I specialised in metalwork... but it took 25 years to move from steel to silver. I went on to design and make orthopaedic equipment for disabled people, initially in the UK, and later in Africa. For the following 8 years I worked in international development, focusing on the wider needs of disabled people in both Africa and Asia. I returned to manage a centre for disabled children outside Oxford in 2004 where worked for a further 12 years. Having always had a passion for silver I started a two year apprenticeship in 2009 with an Oxford jeweller, and finally decided to go full time in 2016. My work is organic and sculptural. Textured with hammer marks or imprinted with the delicate veins of a leaf, each piece is unique. I use semi-precious stones as well as simple found objects such as pebbles or sea glass which are transformed into elegant new forms.

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