"Stick to the Rules" Mouse on an Oil Can, Sculpture by Martin Norman

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Martin's new range features mice on a variety of daily or antique objects. They are quirky, charming and inventive.

"Stick to the Rules", Two mice crouch on a ruler. Do you remember when rulers were made of wood? Limited edition cold cast sculpture, 4/50. Not surprisingly this piece is 12 inches long, or about 30 cm in new money.

Postage and insurance on this piece will be £10

"I grew up in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire and went on to achieve a BA honours Degree in design from Colchester Institute in 1995. On leaving university I got a job working for “The Sculpture Workshop” where I worked for 4 years learning all aspects of the moulding and casting process. I was involved in making moulds and casts for many prestigious artists including Anthony Gormley, Anish Kapoor and Sophie Ryder. In 2001 I moved to Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and in 2004 set up my own moulding and casting company called “Sculptural Forms”. In 2006 I started to create my own sculptures alongside the moulding and casting business and over the following years I have built up a body of work. I sculpt in either clay or plasterlene and get inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna. My sculptures are of an illustrative style and I exaggerate parts to create character and give each piece a personality. I sculpt for myself and hope that it makes the viewer smile. I currently cast all my pieces in cold cast resin achieving different finishes such as a traditional bronze resin, verdigris bronze resin, rusted iron resin and copper. The sculptures can be displayed outside as well as inside."

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