The Bubble Tree, a Vase by Stacey Manser-Knight

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A totally bonkers and uniqe one-off piece that show Stacey really expressing her imagination. The vase it titled on the base "Relaxing in the Bubble tree, Sleeping in the Pom Pom Flowers" and it stands 14.5 cm high. Exceptional decoration both front and back.

“I am largely self-taught. Over many I have worked to develop my skills and style, and make highly decorative but functional pieces. I work in red earthenware clay which is coated with a white clay slip layer. This gives me a surface to draw through. Once the piece has reached a near dry state, I illustrate it and pipe on a thick clay preparation, to achieve the raised surfaces. This is then fired, coloured and clear over glaze applied. Fired once more, it is now ready for the gold lustre rims highlights and, on-glaze details, such as the stripes on bees. For inspiration I use happy memories. I have no set designs so all pieces are individual.”
Her work is hugely in demand and we wait patiently after placing an order! Each piece is a small miracle of creativity, style and attention to detail.

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