Turquoise & Silver Coil Ring, by Camilla West

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These rings utilise very unusual uncut and high quality semi precious stones set so that the stone forms the top of the ring. The open silver band holds the stone in place. This is a natural undyed turquoise, size L to M.

“I design and make jewellery from my workshop in the beautiful Weald of Kent in England. I love the view from my home over the sheep in the fields opposite and the little wood beyond, and the mood and textures of these rural and natural surroundings inspire my designs. There is also a spiritual aspect to my work in celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. I design my jewellery to evoke nature and organic patterns and textures and to speak to people's emotions. I feel it is important to leave a trace of the maker on the finished piece - the slight irregularities are part of what gives the jewellery its character and makes it different to something mass-produced. They also echo the small irregularities in natural and organic patterns. When you wear a piece of Camilla West jewellery, you can rest assured that no-one else has anything quite like it.”

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