The Festival Approaches

As this page is called “View from the Gallery” I thought I would show the actual view we had a few days ago, when this young lady parked briefly in front of the gallery. Where’s a traffic warden when you need one?! I jest, it was a charming scene, and at least one of the ponies saw something he liked in the window, unless he was just admiring his reflection…

The Main Event in the calendar of Hay is its famous literary festival. It draws thousands into the town, and features hundreds of fascinating talks by all sorts of creative people. We have yet to experience a Spring festival while running the gallery here so I will report on it in due course. But we have travelled far and wide gathering fabulous new work for the gallery, and hope some of those festival folk will find time to pop in. 

The other big news in town is that the castle will soon be open. Having had a multi million pound restoration, it will emerge as a centre for art, education, and much more besides, and it will be a huge asset to Hay. It is so good to see the scaffolding removed and the building in such good shape.

Meanwhile, Hay remains a vibrant, fascinating and enriching place to live and work, and we remain grateful that we are a small part of it all.

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