All About Jewellery

We’ve never been able to resist the allure of jewellery – either here in the gallery or as a species generally! Jewellery is one of the oldest types of artefacts, but all our jewellery is almost always recently crafted and beautifully presented.

We think of jewellery being used to adorn necklines, fingers and ears, but jewellery has been used across all cultures and times for colouring all parts of the body, from our heads down literally down to our toes.

Jewellery can be made from a wide range of materials, including wood, amber and corals, but we usually associated jewellery with previous metals and gemstones.

Of all artwork, it is jewellery which is often given as a gift, either for love, or a specific meaning or an event in someone’s life. And whilst we tend to associate jewellery as the domain of women, increasingly men have become interested in jewellery as a form of self expression.

Browse our jewellery collection below. We hope you find it inspiring and of interest but, if you’re interested in finding a specific piece not stocked, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.