Jeweller Anna Roebuck

Jeweller Anna Roebuck been working as a freelance artist for 18 years. A mixed media artist, she works in lots of mediums, but her main specialisation is recycling and specifically recycled plastics.

She trained in Fine Art Tapestry at Edinburgh College  of Art in the 90’s. It was here where her fascination with reusing and recycling began. She created installation-based artwork using all sorts of mediums from plastic bags and rusty metal to mud and blood. Her work at the time explored the interaction between man and nature, and though there have been many changes along the way, the interest in how we interact with our environment has always been key to what she does.

Her ‘Nocean’ Jewellery Range explores the use of recycled plastics, creating this range by colouring it with her own specialist techniques. We love the bold colours, whilst wearing my ‘Nocean’ jewellery is so light, easy to wear and always gets commented on.

Her Out of Line designs are made from etched aluminium with an acrylic infill. The designs are from her own illustrations which explore the environment and industrial heritage. The range evolved from a heritage project based on Stanton Ironworks in Ilkeston.