Jewellery designer Sarah Drew

Every coat Sarah Drew owns has pockets full of things, shells rattling about with bits of plastic, acorn cups, scrunched up bits of lichen and tangled sea-string. She has always been a bit of a collector: not of high value, status-ridden things that you have to be careful wit, just little, curious, quirky things that are everywhere in everybody’s everyday life. She likes to pick them up, look at them and put them in her pocket to make them into jewellery later.

Jewellery designer Sarah Drew creates contemporary, eclectic jewellery from found objects (driftwood, sea plastic, sea glass  and slate pebbles) combined with semi-precious stones and pearls linked together with chunky hammered eco-silver chains, delicate crocheted fine silver and fused silver focal pieces. She lives in Cornwall and loves spending time outdoors in the fresh air on local beaches and in the woods, collecting curious things.

Using recycled materials, remaking old broken jewellery or basically ‘rubbish’ in this way is a sustainable way of creating unique pieces that aren’t a strain on new resources and whose material components are traceable. She also uses traceable boulder opals from Australia in eco-gold and eco-silver for magically coloured statement rings and pendants; and collects amethysts, aquamarine and other crystals from local sites Cornish crystal claw-set rings and pendants.