Featured Artists

Every month we’ll bring you a featured artist from our gallery.  This month we are featuring wood turner Dennis Hales. Dennis first showed his work with us in Wiltshire nearly twenty years ago, and we are delighted that he has given us a fabulous new selection of work to exhibit in Hay. 

Dennis works with wood sourced locally, notably ash, maple, holly and sycamore. These pale woods allow him full scope for his amazing skills in staining and gilding. Using dyes and metal leaf with both subtlety and style, he creates pieces that demand your attention. And many of his bowls have a selection of truly lifelike fruit – mainly cherries and apples, which look good enough to eat. The fruit is carefully designed to go with a specific bowl to create an outstanding centrepiece. And in addition to his exceptional wood craft skills, Dennis also happens to be a very accomplished photographer, and is a licentiate member of the Royal Photographic Society.