Featured Artists


We are genuinely delighted to have paintings and prints by Don Parker. His work reflects his long experience in image-making, and the paintings are full of atmosphere, anticicipation and excitement, with stories waiting to be told.

“With 35 years of experience as an artist, graphic designer, and senior academic, I explore the fusion of diverse mediums and disciplines. Inspired by Edgar Degas’ words, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” I aim to make viewers see differently. I investigate the interplay of colour, shape and form. I’m intrigued by mixed media’s potential to craft unexpected juxtapositions, whether merging traditional painting with collage or integrating digital found objects and photography to explore concepts in depth.

Mid-20th-century modernism and figures like John Piper and Graham Sutherland influence my work. Their use of bold colours and simplified forms to capture nature and landscapes inspires me. I’ve contributed to projects for film, music, and television, revelling in the ability of these mediums to create immersive experiences. Each image I create tells a potential story for undiscovered landscapes. I firmly believe in art and design’s transformative power, aiming to create works that challenge viewers to perceive the world differently, connecting emotionally and stimulating both visually and intellectually.”