Featured Artists

We will regularly bring you a featured artist from our gallery.

Currently we are highlighting the work of Andrew Allanson. As well as selling his paintings in many prestigious galleries (it’s not for me to say if we fit into that category!) Andrew is an accomplished sculptor and photographer. I always find it interesting how painting and photography influence each other in subtle ways.

“I regard myself as a representational painter, but use a variety of paint handling techniques.
I’m happy painting with the brush or the knife, and I like to paint anything from flowers to architecture, but landscapes are often my preferred subject. I don’t consciously adopt a certain style or use a fixed method of working, but rather allow the subject to inform my choice of medium and my approach. I enjoy the immediacy of working ‘en plein air’ when possible. I work in Oils, Acrylic or Mixed Media, depending on my feeling for the subject. Light, colour, structure, and not least composition, all feature strongly in my work. My aim as an artist is to use my ‘minds eye’ to reveal the special character and atmosphere of a scene and to render a version of it which describes and conveys its nature.”