Featured Artists

Kath Kingdon, also known as Fatbelly Pots, makes unusual ceramics. The word “unusual” has perhaps lost a lot of its power due to overuse. It’s not as misused as that poor word “unique”, so often a sloppy substitute for unusual. But with so many “creatives” (and while we discuss words, that’s a word that makes me gag) making work that is clearly derivative, copied, following the latest trend, truly unusual work is quite rare. To put it simply (“at last”, I hear you say) there is nothing quite like Kath’s work. The magic lies in her figures, in their strangeness, in the poses, in the mystery of what is happening, in the faintly medieval garb, in the random creatures here and there – put all that together and you have pots that can be mesmerising, challenging, and rewarding. Their gift is to fire your imagination. She also makes wonderfully quirky small figurative pieces. As a grumpy old ex potter I often chuckle at those who call themselves ceramic artists. It’s a title that Kath richly deserves.