Dark Skies at Hay Castle

There’s an exhibition running in the gallery at Hay Castle right now that I must tell you about. It’s called “Dark Skies”, It’s by artist Judy Goldhill, it runs until early January next year, and I absolutely love it. If the dark, the night, or the stars and the universe move you at all, do go. 

You step into the gallery space and the first thing to strike you is the dark. The lights are very low. In the gloom the photos are beautifully and gently lit. It’s hard to read the information next to them but it’s worth the effort, because the info is fascinating. A planet’s tail is millions of miles long with gas that is described as the “nearest thing to nothing without being nothing.” Everything about our universe is mind blowing, and the  images on display are simply beautiful, as well as interesting, intriguing, thought provoking, meditative…I could go on, but I think it’s clear that I like this exhibition. 

Judy Goldhill is an artist who has been using photography as as medium to express her creativity for many years. If you want to find out more about her (as I did) look here https://www.judygoldhill.com/about  I confess I did not know of her before this show, but how lucky are we in Hay to have this on our doorstep, thanks to Hay Castle Trust. I found just being with these images very moving. The ingenuity of mankind in making the telescopes, the image making, the technology is inspiring. But the extraordinary enormity and scale of the universe puts all that into perspective. We are dust in the vastness. Stop fretting.

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