Whether it’s due to Global Warming, or just random weather, there does seem to have been a lot of storms (with silly names) lately, and as a result a lot of flooding. 

We in the Borders have got off relatively lightly compared to many areas. We have not been cut off, nor have we lost electricity, and others have had it much worse. But it was a close run thing. The Wye like many rivers is very responsive to rain upstream and can rise at a frightening pace. There is a little car park on the bank of the river at the edge of Hay, and because it is free a lot of people use it. Air BnB visitors have been known to be advised to park there, without a crucial piece of advice. It floods. Unless your car is amphibious, it’s not a good idea when the river is rising. 

The first photos here show how close it got to flooding this time, as people hurry to move their vehicles. The river runs an angry reddish brown as tons of local top soil is carried to the sea. In the interest of balance, flooding here is rare, and if you look at the last two photos you will see its serene beauty in warmer weather. Fish, herons, egrets, cormorants and canoes all enjoy the amazing beauty of this wonderful river. 

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