Haysy Summer

Goodness this year is flying by. Maybe that’s a good thing considering all the nonsense that’s cropping up at home and abroad. I’m not here to dwell on that, but to consider the good things about life here in Hay. Of course it is the literary Hay Festival that many years ago put the town “on the map”. And the energy and creativity that go into the Festival permeates through so much of the town, giving it a special, lively and quirky character that draws visitors all year round.

It’s hard to believe the Festival has been over for nearly a month. The town buzzed with people high on their festival fix, and the sun shone. Since then we have had the first ever Hay Pride, which was a fun friendly and inclusive day. And now Hay Castle is fully open, free to visit, and a fascinating place to explore. During the Festival we enjoyed a fantastic open air performance of Julius Caesar by the Globe Travelling Company in the Castle grounds. The roosting rooks in the nearby trees added noisy commentary!

I have included a couple of the  paintings of Hay that Caroline Said Lawrence has done for us. We love the atmosphere and character that she injects into her work. The painting on the left shows the Granary (a very fine place to eat) and the Clock Tower. The other is by the Butter Market looking up towards the Market Place and Castle Street where Bluestone Gallery is. For such a small town Hay is packed with brilliant independent outlets. Books of course, but lots of art as well and much more besides. Let alone all the great pubs and cafes, and the stunning countryside both sides of the border. If you don’t fancy airport queues and cancelled flights, come and visit us.

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