Exciting Art Arriving

June has come and gone, and it was fantastic. Visitors are back in numbers and Hay has been buzzing. It has been good to see the town so alive after lockdown after lockdown. Of course restrictions remain. The vast majority of people are wearing masks, which is a bit of a faff, but we all (or nearly all of us) do it to protect others – more so than to protect ourselves. In less than a week all this will be lifted in England, and we wait to see what the Welsh government will say, but a lot of our customers are expressing anxiety and saying they will keep using their masks. Which is what we will be doing ourselves.

But I have sidetracked myself. This post is to point out that we have some wonderful art in the gallery and more arriving soon. Natalie Stuteley is a simply incredible equine artist, and her art is dramatic, bold, impressive and accomplished. In contrast Richard Shimmels’ lino cut prints are quiet celebrations of the British countryside, with a focus on the graphic detail to be found in winter trees and ploughed fields. Ann Kelly is such a versatile artist with her subjects varying from coastal paths, to cities at night to vintage cars. I am so pleased to have such quality of work here, and I hope you can pop in – either through the door of via the internet. Thank you for reading!

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