Hay virtual Festival

Like so many other festivals and events, Hay Festival has been derailed by Covid. But undaunted  the organisers have created a really very inspiring virtual festival that is now in full swing. Many devotees of the festival have come to visit anyway, so that with the sunshine (google “Sunshine” if you need a reminder) has brought a lot of visitors to the town. 

The b&b’s are full, the shops are busy, and the ice cream queue outside Shepherds Parlour is properly long. Child-meltdown long, parent-groaning long – but the wait is worth it, so join the queue! The one shop with a queue outside it all year long is opposite us, the wonderful bakery Flour and Time, but they deserve their own post another time. 

In the gallery we are blown away by the positive response we have had from so many locals and visitors. And every morning either Ellie or I walk Milly the dog – often by the River Wye. A few weeks ago it was swollen by heavy rain and I snapped a deceased Welsh dragon on its long journey to the sea (OK, it might have been a log…). It reminded me to mention the superb glass dragons made by Sandra Young that we have in our front window. Some of them have already found new homes. And no they are not on the website yet – sorry – it’s on my list!

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