Hospitalitea, coffee or wine…

Tomorrow is the day the hospitality business has been longing for, when people can finally eat or drink inside an establishment. It has been a long wait, and hopefully no new variants will knock us all off course again.

The photo shows Ellie in the Blue Boar in Hay, many moons ago when we were house hunting. I like the cod Latin motto behind her: “Nil illegitimus carborundum”. Loosely translated it means Don’t let the b******ds get you down. If ever there was an apt motto for the last year, that’s it (naming nobody in particular, of course…)

So visit us please! Hay is full of great places to eat and drink, a wealth of independent shops and one or two bookshops as you may have guessed. And it is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Is there a better view from a town car park?

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